Dot-Box is a creative consultancy box that joins the dots between consumers, brands, and manufacturers through creative strategy, trend analysis, design, and innovation by bringing in relevant insights, experience, skill sets, and networks necessary to suit any brief that comes our way.  We can assist you with your new collections, re-imagine a brand or concept you have been working on, innovate in line with future sustainability and trend prediction, or highlight value in order to help businesses sell themselves to prospective partners or new audiences. 

With Dot-Box you can quickly build your projects by brainstorming and working with a professional, flexible and customizable team that can include Project managers, Creative directors, Merchandisers, Designers, Product developers, Graphic artists and Technical designers. Dot-Box offers a worry-free design development experience by adapting perfectly to your needs and relieving you of the stress that comes with recruitment, training and overhead.


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